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Our performers include conservatory trained musicians of the very highest professional caliber, constantly presenting at venues throughout New York City. We present two shows that highlight the “real” instruments of the orchestra, draw comparisons between our homemade versions, and explore the science behind their unique sounds.

Musical Instruments Made From Recycled Materials

The Secret Life of Musical Instruments

  • Focuses on “real” musical instruments such as violin, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone and the science behind them 

  • Explores the similarities and differences between the real instruments and the Bash the Trash versions while encouraging students to experiment at home 

  • Looks at the science behind the instruments and how they work 

  • Inspires students to take up instrument study in school or at home 

Musical Instruments Made From Recycled Materials
Musical Instruments Made From Recycled Materials

The Instrument Bazaar

  • Introduces students to the particular instruments that your school offers - if you offer (for example) violin, trumpet and clarinet we will bring those performers 

  • Students get to see, hear and ask questions of musicians who play these instruments professionally 

  • Each instrument gets a spotlight moment to show off what it can do 

  • Comparisons are drawn to Bash the Trash instruments and the science is explored 

  • Culminates in a “jam session” in which all the instruments perform together 

  • Optional “instrument meet-and-greet” can follow, in which individual classes get to talk with the performers, ask questions, and get up-close to the instrument

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