• Rich content delivered by experienced presenters in a lively multi-media style

  • Amazing musical instruments made from trash

  • Science + environmental content + your theme

  • Build-and-play-along components

  • Various levels of interaction possible 

  • Dedicated to reaching access-challenged families

  • Flexible with platforms and connections

  • Earth Day programs are available

Kick-off or close-out your summer series with one of our great multiple-performer shows:

- - click links below for a preview - -

Streaming Sustainable Sounds - A journey into science, sound and sustainability - $1325; two-performer version $925

Global Bash Online - Percussion instruments from around the world - traditional and homemade - $1325

Online Latin American Journeys - A virtual journey through Latin music in the Americas - $1325

Streaming Trash to Techno - Everyday junk transformed by technology into danceable beats - $1325


Keep the momentum going with our amazing single-performer live-streaming shows:

Bash the Trash Online - Science, sound and sustainability with recycled musical instruments- $525

Latin Percussion - Fabulous instruments used by Latin cultures around the world - $525

Streaming Talking Drums - Learn the language of music through Tabla and other drums - $525

Streaming Global Percussion - Discover the uniqueness and surprising connections of world percussion - $525



Summer Camp with Bash the Trash
Summer Camp Eco Friendly
Summer Camp Reuse Recycle

Bash the Trash loves summer camps! Over the years we’ve performed services in hundreds of different summer camps and have evolved a variety of programs to fit every need. Whether you are looking for hands-on experiences with small groups of campers; programs for special needs kids; amazing performances; or a full-on camp-wide immersive extravaganza of musical instrument-building, composing and performing, we have a program for you.

Add instrument-building and make-and-take stations to any one of our summer camp programs! 

Live Summer Camp Programs


        Watch a preview of our show for socially distanced outdoor audiences!


This summer camp program is full of fun tunes and amazing demonstrations on musical instruments built from trash. It's full of engineering, music and environmental concepts and inspires campers to explore the connections between art and science. ​For camps with over 400 campers, we suggest our SummerBash! with 4 or 5 musicians or one of the programs listed below. 

Trash To Techno!

The ultimate combination of low and high tech. Found-object sound sources (trash) are sampled, manipulated and transformed through science and technology into danceable beats. Along the way we’ll address issues of sustainability and plastic pollution, acoustics, and music production. Campers will learn how studios work with sound to create sound effects, as well as how DJs layer sounds to create electronic dance music. Fun demos, audience participation, and available image projections make this an unforgettable summer event!

Summer Camp with The Junksters! 

The Junksters features rockin’ songs on crazy instruments built from trash; camper-participatory performances that entertain as they educate. It’s Science, Sound and Sustainability meets Roots with Grit! This is our full-size ensemble for larger camps. The Economy Quartet rocks a small camp and the Quintet for medium camps. 

Recycling Remix for Summer Camps!

This very cool summer camp program, combines a show (SummerBash!), hands-on instrument-building and a noisy and fun parade or jam session! Recycling Remix kicks off with a show that provides the basics of instrument building, as well as driving home the environmental message of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Then campers build a variety of instruments using recycled/reused materials provided by Bash the Trash. The program culminates in a joyous music-making event in which the campers join the band.  This final event can take the form of a parade, a performance, or something completely different.


It's ​scalable from a solo performer up to an entire ensemble depending on the size of the camp. Recycling Remix can also incorporate camp volunteers to assist instrument-building for maximum immersion. 

BOOM Buckets... Around the World (by Hector Morales)

This 100% hands-on program is designed to engage students of all abilities and musical backgrounds from the get-go in the art of bucket drumming! Participants will not only have a blast transforming everyday objects like buckets and garbage cans into great sounding drums but will also have the opportunity to experience with their peers the power of ensemble playing!  Along this journey participants will play different styles of pop and world music as well as develop essential aural and reading music notation skills.


Multi-day Summer Camp Immersion!

This summer camp experience kicks off with our SummerBash! performance, providing the basics of instrument building, as well as the environmental message of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Then we work with campers over the course of (several days to a week) to build instruments, write and rehearse simple songs and music. The program ends with camper performances, a parade, or something completely different.