• Rich content delivered by experienced presenters in a lively multi-media style

  • Amazing musical instruments made from trash

  • Science + environmental content + your theme

  • Build-and-play-along at home

  • Various levels of interaction possible 

  • Dedicated to reaching access-challenged families

  • Flexible with platforms and connections

"The Virtual Earth Day program went really well— it was educational, entertaining, and went very smoothly. Thank you for all your hard work!”

- The American Museum of Natural History, April 2020 

Live-streaming multiple-performer shows:

- - click links below for a preview - -


Live-streaming single-performer shows:

  • Bash the Trash Online - Science, sound and sustainability with recycled musical instruments- $525

  • Latin Percussion Online - Fabulous instruments used by Latin cultures around the world - $525

  • Streaming Talking Drums - Learn the language of music through Tabla and other drums - $525

  • Streaming Global Percussion - Discover the uniqueness and surprising connections of world percussion - $525


Programs for Adults and Seniors

Tips, Tricks and Techniques in Online Presentation - $725

Spasm Bands to Spike Jones - Homemade Musical Instruments in Popular Culture - $725


For over 28 years we have been performing and educating with musical instruments made from found objects - weaving together science, music, dance and environmental awareness.


Find the perfect program, concert or event here!

We offer family performances, hands-on instrument-building workshops and parades. Programs and performances for adults and seniors are available. We specialize in creating unique programs tailored to your exhibit and/or theme, and site-specific extravaganzas that turn your entire building into a stage!


In the last few years we’ve performed at the American Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Las Vegas Discovery Children’s Museum, Musical Instrument Museum (Phoenix), Boston Children’s Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, and the Morgan Library among others. Let us dream up an event for you!

Horns at museums sustainability
Spasm Band Hudson River Museum
music at museums sustainability
Bash the Trash Trio Museums
Horns at museums sustainability
Spasm Band Hudson River Museum
music at museums sustainability
Bash the Trash Trio Museums

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