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Musical Playground with Bash the Trash Environmental Arts
Musical Playground with Bash the Trash Environmental Arts

One of our most popular outdoor events - literally a sonic playground! We set up over a hundred indestructible musical instruments made from recycled and repurposed materials, add a bucket of mallets and sticks, and kids bang, bash and whack the instruments to their hearts’ content - adults too! We provide supervision of the instruments and players (in case of over-eager banging, etc.) as well as a musical beat that participants are free to follow or ignore as they wish.  


The Musical Playground is a great program for fairs, festivals and other daylong events, and can handle quite a large crowd of participants. Burlington County Earth Fair (NJ) has brought in the Musical Playground for over 20 years. 

Fees start at $2400 for a four-hour Playground with three musicians in the NYC Metropolitan area. For events outside of the NYC metro area contact us.

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