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Bash the Trash Marching Band
Marching Band with Bash the Trash
Kids enjoying Bash the Trash Band
Environmentally Friendly Band


Our Parade is an add-on to any event that includes instrument building.  Kids and parents with their instruments line up with our Performers on Homemade Drums and Horns and we take it on the road! 


Parades are typically short (10-15 minutes) and can follow any safe route through a venue and return to the starting point. 


Perfect for community celebrations, environmental festivals and other events, the Bash the Trash Marching Band is an entire community-participation event. 


3+ Bash the Trash performers arrive pre-parade with a van-load of instruments ranging from water-cooler drums to tube trumpets, teach a group of up to 100 participants how to play their instruments and perform some rhythmic routines, and hit the streets!

Add to the event with pre-parade visual arts activities transforming trash into costumes, banners, etc.  


Contact Us to discuss possibilities!

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