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Recycling Remix is our most popular family program, combining a show, hands-on instrument-building, and a noisy and fun parade or jam session. From Hawaii to Vancouver to New York City, Recycling Remix has been a guaranteed winner!

  • Combines a performance, hands-on instrument building, and a parade (or other audience-participatory event) 

  • Scalable from a solo performer up to an entire ensemble depending on the audience size 

  • Can incorporate community volunteers to assist instrument-building for maximum immersion 

  • Endlessly flexible and adaptable to fit your event - from a school science fair to a performing arts center all the way up to a festival​

We start with a version of our acclaimed Bash the Trash show that gives the basics of instrument building, as well as driving home the environmental message of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.   


Participants then build a variety of instruments using recycled/reused materials provided by us.   


The event culminates in a joyous music-making event in which the audience members join the band.  This final event can take the form of a parade, a performance, or something completely different. 

This event can be scaled larger or smaller to meet your budget!  Solo $1300; Duo $1850; Trio $2500 + travel; A travel fee may apply and prices can vary depending on the number of attendees. 

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