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​“The Junksters" is our full-size ensemble for larger venues. The Economy Quartet rocks a small venue, the Quintet for medium halls and our Big Band for even the largest stages! 


The Junksters features rockin’ songs on crazy instruments built from trash; family-friendly and audience-participatory performances that entertain as they educate. It’s Science, Sound and Sustainability meets Roots with Grit!  

From an intimate venue to a vast arena, the Junksters will have your family audiences laughing, singing and dancing along! The music is drawn from 25 years of continuous performing, and spans genres as well as generations for total engagement.  Optional instrument-building programs available, as well as unique community-involvement options.

  • Scalable from our Economy Quartet all the way up to a full BTT Big Band 

  • Fun sing-along and dance-along songs for the entire family 

  • Can be combined with instrument-building so the whole audience plays along​


Located in the NY/NJ/CT metro area - $2950

Nationally - Contact us for pricing.

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