World Music School Assembly LIVE in your school!

What do musical instruments look like around the world? Global Bash brings to your school amazing global performers who use simple and homemade instruments to create incredible live music. Ensembles are from Americas, Caribbean, Asia and Africa and can feature a variety of cultural themes. Available as a stand-alone assembly or as the culmination of our 4-year series.

  • Features live ensembles from countries around the world - living and performing in the NYC area 

  • Amazing cultural music with veteran performers on characteristic musical instruments often built from local resources 

  • Performers discuss environmental problems in their homelands, giving students a unique perspective on the global issue 

  • Ensembles available from South and North America, the Caribbean, Asia and more

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  • 3 performers (other configurations available)

  • 45 mins (recommended)

  • 200-250 audience members per school assembly


  • One school assembly: $1550

  • Two back-to-back school assemblies: $1895

  • Travel fee may apply outside of NY/NJ/CT or Boston metro areas

  • Currently, the Sustainable Sounds school assembly and follow-up hands-on school workshops are the only programs available in Boston

  • Other show configurations and US regions are available so please contact us to discuss the best arrangement for your needs

Musical instruments around the world
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Musical instruments around the world

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