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"The feedback was very positive. The assemblies were engaging to both groups including K-4. The teachers all said the kids had a blast with the workshops which were specific to 2nd grade. The instruments the kids made were incredible and they were so proud to show them off. The performers were amazing, friendly, patient and very organized."

Lori B.

Pasadena ES, Plainview NY

2018-2019 Client

"We LOVED it! Everybody was super happy: the children and the teachers alike. I will definitely recommend the Bash the trash group!"

Aurélie Boquet

George Washington ES, White Plains NY

2018-2019 Client

"I went to see the K and 1st grade shows and I thought they were great!  I was so impressed.  The kids, all grades, really seemed to be into the performance and were thoroughly entertained... as was I."

Laura D.

Hawthorne ES, Hawthorne NY

2011-2012, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019 Client

“You guys were a huge hit! We will definitely have you come out next year!”


Clara Coleman ES, Glenrock NY

2018-2019 Client

"The students and teachers really enjoyed the event. We would definitely e interested in doing something next year!"

Gladys C.

Brooklyn Star Daycare, Brooklyn NY

2018-2019 Client

“Absolutely fantastic!  The boys and teachers loved the shows!  As did I!!  Can’t wait to plan next events with you!”

Suzi B

Iona Prep Lower School, New Rochelle NY

2018-2019 Client

"Thank you for the follow up! They seemed to enjoy the show. The performers were so nice! We appreciate them coming all the way up here!"

Karen Castelli

Killingworth Middle School, Killingworth CT

2018-2019 Client

"Thanks for following up!  The performance was great. The kids liked it!  And the performers were all very nice and easy to work with!"

Donna Hoffman

Cranberry Elementary School, Norwalk, CT

2018-2019 Client

“Bash the Trash was amazing today! Thank you so much -- the students loved their visit. It was perfect for Earth Month and fits in well with our music and science departments, STEAM and sustainability initiatives, and our Makerspace.”

Kerry L.

Rye Country Day School

2011-2012 & 2018-2019 Client

“It was a really stellar show again. The musicians were all personable, engaging, and held the kids’ interest for the entire show. I was there and thought is was a super fun afternoon.”

Danielle H.

Calvin Leete Elementary School, Guilford CT

2010-2011, 2016-2017 & 2018-2019 Client

"Thank you so much for coming to Mackay School in Tenafly today!!! We were thrilled to have you and the students (and staff) were quite inspired by your performance"

Jennifer Angerson

Mackay School Counselor

2010-2011, 2016-2017 & 2018-2019 Client

“I couldn't be more pleased with our Bash The Trash Residency!! Rohin, the Artist In Residence is incredible and facilitated so much learning during the sessions. Throughout this wonderful experience students were engaged, excited and focused while they constructed, created, composed, performed and had a wonderful time!!"

Jeanne Candal, Music Teacher, Old Bethpage Elementary School, Plainview/Old Bethpage C.S.D.

2018-2019 & 2016-2017 Client

“We loved having bash the trash this year. You were so inspiring to our students”

Melissa O.

Second Grade Teacher

Eagle Elementary, Medford, NY

2018-2019 & 2017-2018 Client

"Bash the Trash are the perfect combination of entertaining and engaging.  Their songs are both fun and educational and connect with audiences young and old.  Their team of managers and performers really care about every performance and we couldn't have been luckier to have them at both our Earth Day event and a visit to our summer camp.  We look forward to working with them in the future!"

DJ Salvante

Director of Parks and Recreation

Township of Scotch Plains

2018 Earth Day Festival Client & 2018 Summer Camp Program Client

“Once again Bash the Trash did not disappoint!!  The kids were talking about it all day - and even now (had a lunch with a few kids this week and they 💚 it!).

Gwen Gallagher

Assemblies at King Street Primary & Intermediate Schools

2016-2017, 2017-2018 & 2018-2019 Client

“We got great feedback on the performance! The teachers gave great reviews and the kids had a blast!”

Andrea D.

East Broadway School, NY

2018-2019 Client

“It was a big hit and all the teachers really loved how it tied into their themes of recycling and thinking outside of the box.”

Lisa-Marie K.

School Assemblies @ Mary Kay McMillin ECC

2018-2019 & 2016-2017 Client

“I thought it was great!  I received wonderful feedback from teachers and students.  Many kids were inspired to go home and build their own instruments out of trash!”

Carrie H.

School Assemblies @ Midland ES, Rye NY

2018-2019 Client

“Everything went really well. The performers did a great job especially dealing with us because we had been out two days due to the snow. We definitely want to book this third show for next year.”

Leslie B

School Assemblies @ Harding Elementary School

2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019 Client

“The children and the staff really enjoyed it and thought it was valuable. Thanks!”

Rosemarie I., PTA Rep

School Assemblies @ Bardonia Elementary School, Bardonia, New York

2016-2017 & 2017-2018 Client

“We were very pleased with the performance!  The group arrived early to set up and were flexible and accommodating. The instruments were so varied and creative. The children and adults loved the instrument building workshop and the parade was adorable!  The performance was a perfect ending to our celebration! It was a pleasure to work with Bash the Trash!”

Julie C.

Festival @ Friends of Greenwich Point

2017 Client

“We loved Bash the Trash!  It got rave reviews from the students and teachers alike!  Our principal asked about having follow up programs in next year, so that was definitely something I'd like to pursue next year. It was fun, entertaining, and educational.  Loved the fact that it included content on both science and arts.”

Christine B.

School Assemblies @ Saw Mill Road Elementary School, North Bellmore, NY

2017-2018 Client

“Everyone loved the performance.”

Cari G. M.Ed
Third Grade Teacher/LML Facilitator
School Assemblies @ Lawrenceville Elementary School, Lawrenceville, NJ

2017-2018 Client

“Our students, faculty and staff all enjoyed the Sustainable Sounds programs -- I have heard great reviews, including from my own two children!”

Janel S., Radburn PTA

School Assemblies @ Radburn Elementary School

2017-2018 Client

“My kids loved it! ( I have 7th and 8th). A lot of great feedback from their friends.”

Kirsten Z.

School Assemblies @ Harry B. Thompson Middle School, Syosset, NY

2017-2018 Client

“I meant to reach out to you and tell you how excellent they were at the event.  I also have some great photos if you are interested.  The musicians were so great and the kids loved it. We were very happy.”

Amanda Brockwell, Deputy Executive Director

Concert for Monmouth Conservation Foundation

2018 Client

“Everything went really well. The performers did a great job especially dealing with us because we had been out two days due to the snow. We definitely want to book this third show for next year.”

Leslie Bedford

School Assemblies @ Harding Elementary School, Kenilworth NJ

2018-2019, 2017-2018 & 2016-2017 Client

“It was absolutely wonderful - the presenter was kind, patient, talented and he presented a very good environmental message, teaching the kids about the 3 R's, and even discussing why they are in that order. He also added the 4th R, which is Research, and told the kids it was up to them to research and find new ways of reducing, reusing and recycling for when they grow up.  It was awesome, the kids had a great time, and this week we began to make our own instruments out of recycled items the kids brought in from home!”

Debra Smorto, Owner/Director

Solo performance @ Fields of Green Montessori School, Vernon NJ

2017-2018 Client

“The show and performers were great! Thank you!”

Dianna V

Assemblies @ Riker Hill Elementary School, Livingston NJ

2017-2018 Client

"Serious musicians... who find melody in their trash."

NY Times

More BTT Press from NYTimes

"You opened my mind to a deeper level of creativity"

Chrstine G

5th grade

"I learned something and didn't even know it!"

Juan C.

3rd Grade

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