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Trashaganza is Bash the Trash’s “swiss army knife” of performances. This show is great on a school stage or any medium-sized venue, fantastic as an outdoor performance - there’s even a virtual version! Trashaganza is the lean-and-mean power trio version of our large stage touring ensemble, bringing amazing instruments, fun interactive songs and timely environmental messaging to your audiences. We focus on science, climate change and plastic pollution using our strange musical instruments built from trash, including the oil can guitar, diddley bow, water cooler drums and styrolin among others. Each show ends with an uplifting segment on how to get involved in the struggle to save our planet.​


  • 3 performers

  • 45” but flexible

  • Local price $1550 1 show, $1895 2 shows back-to-back

  • Price may vary by travel distance etc.

  • Contact us to discuss a configuration that works best for your school!

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