We offer corporate events that are always fast, funny, and environmentally-inspiring.  Just as  important -  our shows encourage innovation, team-building and outside-of-the-box thinking.

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Our team-building event “Recycle Idol” is our most popular program.  Starting with a wild science-based mini-performance by the Bash the Trash musicians (on instruments built from junk), participants first learn the basics of musical instrument design and construction. Then, working in teams, participants are then given boxes of raw materials suitable for instrument building and issued a set of challenges, such as Loudest Instrument, Best Percussion Instrument, Best Song Rendition with Instruments, Strangest Instrument, etc. Teams then compete by demonstrating and performing with their instruments, with Bash the Trash musicians serving as emcees and judges (adding a few of your own “Idol-type” judges can also really spice up the show...). 

Bash the Trash provides all you need for this event from materials and tools, to performers. We are also very flexible and willing to be creative - we love to break the mold and create something new, effective, and hands-on. 

Additional programs that work with Corporate events include Family Bash and The Junksters. See all our performances and programs here

Corporate Team Building with Bash the Trash Environmental Arts
John Bertles and Carina Piaggio Corporate Team Building Sustainability