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Bash the Trash and Maker Movement have lots of overlap starting with the DIY concept of instrument-building, and hands-on use of tools to build those instruments, right through the application of science and the scientific method when creating new instruments.


Bash the Trash has performed and exhibited for many years at the World Maker Faire in Queens NY (and won several ribbons for best in genre!), performed in the first Mini-Maker Faire in Boston, opened a Maker-space in Wisconsin, and performed and collaborated with other Maker-spaces around the New York metro area.


We have a range of programs that are great for Maker-spaces:

  • Family Bash

  • Instrument night - performance followed by instrument-building free-for-all and community jam

  • Musical Instrument Building workshops

  • Science of Sound workshops


A note about $: We are aware that Maker-spaces are very often a community volunteer kind of situation.  Unfortunately, our performances and workshops are our “day-job”, and we are a private partnership unconnected (and untainted) by outside funding.  So we can’t offer these programs for free.  But talk to us about possibilities…

Makerspace musical instrument building DIY
Makerspace musical instrument building DIY
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