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Many schools ask for a program that combines a performance and hands-on instrument-building for a single grade-level. Each year we visit these schools so that over time every student receives the science and environmental content as well as the hands-on instrument-building and music-making. 

The ideal grade level for this exercise would range from 2nd - 5th grade depending on the timing of your state’s or community’s mandated curriculum exploring concepts of sound and energy. ALIGNS WITH NEXTGEN SCIENCE STANDARDS!


Before the program we will forward to you a curriculum guide for teachers that connects directly to your state or community’s standards, along with a list of simple house-hold materials to be collected by each student. 

The program commences with a Performance - a fast and funny show that introduces students to the concepts of science, sound and sustainability that is at the heart of Bash the Trash programs. The number of performers will depend on the number of classes in the grade. 


The Follow-up Workshops begin immediately after the performance with our teaching artist visiting each of the classes in the grade. In the workshop students make hands-on experiential connections from the science they have learned to the behavior of their newly-built musical instruments. STEM to STEAM connections abound as students use engineering skills and scientific methodology to create, explore and categorize their musical inventions, culminating in a musical exercise. 


Add literacy and composing experiences by extending to a second or even a third workshop for each class. Students use stories or informational text as the basis for creating their own compositions using their newly built orchestra!​

  • Fun, flexible and engaging

  • Firmly rooted in school/state curriculum and standards

  • Adaptable for every classroom 

  • Abundant literacy and writing connections

  • Arts integration with STEM to STEAM components


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