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4 - 20+ sessions

School residencies can last from four to 24 sessions. During pre-residency planning sessions, we’ll work with your teachers to design a series of arts-integrated lesson plans based on your curriculum and infused with creative arts content. 


School Residencies usually end with a culminating performance.

  • Classes get long-term in-class experiences with our veteran teaching artists 

  • Students can build cool musical instruments, write musical stories, create and compose music for their stories, and perform their work for school and/or community  

  • Lesson plans are designed in conjunction with classroom teachers to conform with school curriculum; can emphasize Core Curriculum connections 

  • A broad range of curriculum connections are possible - Literacy, Cultural, Science, etc. 

  • Fun, flexible and engaging

  • Firmly rooted in school/state curriculum and standards

  • Adaptable for every classroom 

  • Abundant literacy and writing connections

  • Arts integration with STEM to STEAM components

Each residency is different.  Contact us to brainstorm!​


I couldn't be more pleased with our Bash The Trash Residency!! Rohin, the Artist In Residence is incredible and facilitated so much learning during the sessions. Throughout this wonderful experience students were engaged, excited and focused while they constructed, created, composed, performed and had a wonderful time!!"

 November 2018, Jeanne Candal, Music Teacher, Old Bethpage Elementary School, Plainview/Old Bethpage C.S.D.

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