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Click here to see our Virtual and Online offerings


  • Rich content delivered by experienced presenters in a lively multi-media style

  • Amazing musical instruments made from trash

  • Science + environmental content + your theme

  • Build-and-play-along at home

  • Various levels of interaction possible 

  • Dedicated to reaching access-challenged families

  • Flexible with platforms and connections

"The Virtual Earth Day program went really well— it was educational, entertaining, and went very smoothly. Thank you for all your hard work!”

- The American Museum of Natural History, April 2020 

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Live-streaming multiple-performer shows:
- - click links below for a preview - -
Streaming Sustainable Sounds - A journey into science, sound and sustainability - $1325; two-performer version $925
Global Bash Online - Percussion instruments from around the world - traditional and homemade - $1325
Online Latin American Journeys - A virtual journey through Latin music in the Americas - $1325
Streaming Trash to Techno - Everyday junk transformed by technology into danceable beats - $1325

Two-performer shows:
Streaming Trash to Techno
 - Everyday junk transformed by technology into danceable beats - $925
Streaming Sustainable Sounds - A journey into science, sound and sustainability - two-performer version $925

Amazing single-performer live-streaming shows:
- - click here for a preview - -
Solo Sustainable Sounds (Virtual) - Science, sound and sustainability with recycled musical instruments- $525
Saborrrr! Latin Percussion Everywhere (Virtual) - Fabulous instruments used by Latin cultures around the world - $525
Ti-re-ke-te - Talking Drums of India and Beyond (Virtual) - Learn the language of music through Tabla and other drums - $525
Boom! Pa'u! Kwang! Global Beats and Percussive Treats (Virtual) - Discover the uniqueness and surprising connections of world percussion - $525

Building Virtual Skills for Educators - Professional Development
- - click here for a preview - -
Taking your Program from Live to Live Stream (60-90”) - Get an overview in a wide-ranging multi-media workshop with a focus on inspiring artists to jump into the virtual medium.
The Virtual Learner (60-90") - In this follow-up conference we shift the emphasis from the Presenter to the Learner. We’ll look at how platforms and format tend to drive student engagement, and explore methods and techniques.
Exploring Virtual Arts Presentations - Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (60-75”) Simple but effective presentation techniques can transform online arts lessons into an immersive experience for students. Using an at-home instrument-building exercise as a model, this workshop will challenge participants to explore a new world of creative possibilities.
Drill-downs: Follow-up conferences for a deeper dive:
Studio Technique: How to use your platform as a mini-production studio
Transitioning and Creating New Programs - A step-by-step primer on moving to Virtual
Virtual Nitty-Gritty: Promotion, Contracting and Delivery of Programs in an Online World

Comments: “You were a light in the darkness today.” “…might just be the kick in the pants that I needed…” “…your thoughts about the power of the arts in our schools were nothing short of inspiring…” “So helpful on so many levels.” “John and Carina were amazing and give us all hope.” “…gave me a base on which to be creative…” “Thanks John and Carina for not wasting our time!”

Programs for Adults and Seniors:
Tips, Tricks and Techniques in Online Presentation
 - A hourlong intro to using Zoom as a presenting studio for all purposes - $725
Spasm Bands to Spike Jones - A journey through Homemade Musical Instruments in Popular Culture from 1890-1955 with amazing contemporary photos and footage - $725

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