Our most popular school assembly - 26 years running! Inspire your students to explore the connections between art and science!

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This follow-up school assembly is packed with musical-instrument content that goes deeper into sound, science, and the environment.

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Our year 3 school assembly provides everything your students need to start their own Trash Band! 

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Amazing cultural music with veteran performers on characteristic musical instruments often built from local resources. 

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We are proud to offer the above school assemblies to schools based in Connecticut! We have been bringing school assemblies to students based in Connecticut for almost 30 years! We are time-tested, proven and passionate about weaving music, science and the environment together to inspire students to find unique ways to learn and help build a better world. Contact us to ensure your school is located within our touring zone in Connecticut (likely it is!). 


Arts-in-Ed elementary school assemblies for CT can be stand-alone or sequential. Many schools in Connecticut bring Sustainable Sounds in the first year and then follow it in subsequent years with Found Sound ScienceTrash Jam, and Global Bash school assembly.


Students get a brand-new school assembly every year, with a scaffolded series of learning experiences over the four year sequence, with STEM to STEAM lessons on engineering, music and the environment. 

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