Our most popular school assembly - 26 years running! Inspire your students to explore the connections between art and science!




The ultimate combination of low and high tech. Found-object sound sources (trash) are sampled, manipulated and transformed through science and technology into danceable beats.




Amazing cultural music with veteran performers on characteristic musical instruments often built from local resources. 




We have been performing in middle schools for almost three decades. We understand that middle school students need to be addressed differently than elementary students, with content that challenges older students and encourages them to think. So we’ve crafted versions of our school assemblies that are specifically aimed at middle schools.

See our 2019-2020 School Brochure here

Our Found-object Instrument Trilogy consists three middle school assemblies that can be brought in over three consecutive years. Each show builds upon the learnings of the previous year while bringing new students up to speed. Or bring in our Global Bash show for an amazing cultural experience.

This follow-up school assembly is packed with musical-instrument content that goes deeper into sound, science, and the environment



Our year 3 school assembly provides everything your students need to start their own Trash Band! 



Found-Object Instrument Trilogy

Sustainable Sounds is our introductory middle school assembly that interweaves Sound, STEAM and Sustainability. Using our musical instruments built from recycled and reused materials we explore the phenomena of sound, including vibrations, amplitude and frequency. We connect to the four families of instruments in the orchestra (strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion) and explore the different sound-making, pitch and volume strategies for each family. We know that many middle-school students take music lessons, and an understanding of how instruments work may actually translate to better ability. We don’t shy away from looking at issues of sustainability, climate change and the effects of plastic pollution in our oceans, and how repurposing can help to reduce pollution. We always incorporate a Q&A session into middle-school shows to give the students a voice and allow them to directly interact with the performers.


Found Sound Science - the follow-up school assembly to Sustainable Sounds - we go deeper into the science of sound and the environment. With all-new music and demonstrations, we apply the scientific method to unlock the secrets behind the families of instruments. The found-object connection leads to an exploration of the life-cycle of a plastic bottle, where it comes from, where it goes, and how much petroleum it takes to create and bring to market just one bottle out of billions. Q&A session is always included. Finally, we talk about the human voice as an instrument, and with the help of a drum-set made of buckets, and a bass made of weed-whacker cord, we play a few songs to close out the show.


Trash Jam is the third school assembly in our cycle of found-object instrument programs. In Trash-Jam we start by looking at sound waves, and discover how compression waves differ from water waves. This leads to an exploration of the cool phenomena of standing waves, like spinning your finger around a wine glass. Finally we end up with a section about how to make musical jams with friends and/or family, in which we invite kids - and teachers - to join us onstage to make a quick and fun musical jam session! Q&A session is always included.


Or, for an incredible cultural performance:


Global Bash brings amazing live music performers from cultures around the world to your school! Narrated by one of our veterans, this show is filled with amazing instruments (many made from local indigenous materials) and exciting music performed by some of the best musicians now living in New York City. Our Latin American ensemble “RePercussions” helps students to understand the amazing diversity of cultures - and music - in the Americas as we trace a musical journey from the bottom of South America with Argentinian Tango, all the way up to the Salsa sound of New York City. Q&A session is always included.


  • 3 performers (other configurations available)

  • 45 mins (recommended)

  • 200-250 audience members per school assembly


  • One school assembly in NYC region: $1550

  • Two back-to-back school assemblies in NYC and Boston vicinities: $1895 (*Sustainable Sounds in Boston)

Other school assembly configurations and US regions are available so please Contact Us to discuss the best school assembly, school workshops or school residency for your needs.


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